Like most things in life, we didn’t actually start out being one thing – we were something else entirely. During the early 2000s the landscape of clubbing in our hometown Bristol was going through some significant changes as Dubstep became a phenomenon right on our doorstep. We decided to start putting on club nights that met our desire to showcase the genres we loved – all in one night most times. Mixing up massive headliners with local homegrown talent, we had great fun running nights for five years up until 2008 when the wheels came off the wagon and we hung up our headphones for good.

But there was still this lingering itch we couldn’t scratch – the desire to showcase all the incredible music coming out of Bristol was still there. So in 2010 we mutated into Slime, a digital label with the perhaps naive manifesto of putting out as many genres as we could. In the early days we focused on local talent across a wide variety of styles – but as the demos piled up and we gained a reputation for putting out the deeper end of Dubstep and Garage, we re-focused and realised the scene wasn’t as local as we thought – there was a global community of artists out there waiting to be heard.

Recruiting veteran DJ & Producer Aaron Static as our APAC A&R Manager, we began to seek out artists from further afield. Across the course of our first four years we released music from every continent, each artist channeling their indigenous experience into genres that had began life in the UK to produce their unique takes on Dubstep and Garage. Our back catalogue kept growing and the breadth of styles available with it.

As the global scene became increasingly homogenized under the EDM banner, we doubled down on championing the deeper end of electronic music, expanding our remit to the weirder corners of the Juke, Grime and Autonomic scenes. Our passion for music with a cinematic or emotive feel has never changed, and we continue to explore the expanding landscape of all these genres with as much excitement as we did when we started.

Since then we’ve recruited content curator and taste-maker Christoph Meyer as our EMEA A&R Manager and we’re already planning for the future of the label as we move past our first decade of operations. For some the future of the label will feel like a return to our roots; for us we never left them. Slime has always striven to bring you the very best in forward-thinking electronic music, designed as much for your own headspace as it is for the dancefloor. As we move forward, we’ll be enhancing that message even more.

Slime. Designed to move minds.

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