Slime welcomes Enigma Dubz to the label


Slime Recordings is proud to welcome Enigma Dubz to the label, presenting one of his most ambitious projects to date.

‘Moonwalk’ sees the producer combine his abilities with the vocal talents of rising star Ed Geater. The result is a mesmeric downtempo groove filled to the brim with emotion, Geater’s soaring tones the lullaby that entices you deeper into the core of the song. Electronic music doesn’t get much more spellbinding than this.

‘All On You’ expertly mutates a saccharine R&B vocal into a haunting refrain that permeates a sublime future garage rhythm, complete with glistening strings and soft pads. Few artists can create a club track that suffuses melancholy into it’s DNA as expertly as Enigma Dubz, and here he presents a masterclass in emotional dynamics for a song that will stand the test of time.

Closing piece ‘A Night In The Forest’ sees the producer at his most playful, fusing the atmospheric ambience with the low-slung textures of dubstep to create a narcotic downtempo groove that beguiles the listener into a state of floating meditation.

The EP as whole is a watermark of quality for a producer on top of his game, flexing a high level of technical proficiency with an innate talent for song-craft to hypnotizing effect. Enigma Dubz will return to the label in the autumn for another equally powerful set of songs that act as a companion piece to this EP.


Listen to the brand new EP here

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